The Year In Pictures

Stowe Country Club 15th Tee Renovation Start to Finish

Looking back from 15 tee

Standing on tee looking toward green

Standing on 14 approach looking at dead white pine trees

More before looks

White pines growing into 14 green

Construction starts with removal of 35 white pine trees

 Hauling pulp wood off course

Burning limbs and stumps was an important part of the project to stay on budget

Mark Finch standing on the location of future blue tee

Looking back at future fescue mound

Start hauling fill for fescue mound

Shaper arrives to start shaping the fescue mound 

Shaper starts shaping tee complex and new cart path

Cart path cut in

SCC crew starts grading tee surfaces

Tee complex rough graded and cart path gravel installed

Mark Finch and crew start irrigation installation

Hydroseed the fescue mound with Sheep and Hard Fescue seed blend

SCC crew hauls asphalt to pavers for cart path installation

Fescue mound waiting for germination

SCC placing tee mix

On-Course Golf Construction arrives to laser level tee surfaces

Sean Hanley working his magic

Tees are level and ready for creeping bentgrass sod

SCC crew starts laying sod on a rainy day

The pursuit of perfection

Almost done, a lot of sore backs

Sodding done, now start finishing edges

hydroseed Kentucky bluegrass rough

Split rail fence installed


Stowe Country Club 2nd and 15th Bunker Renovation

Hole 2 left side before

Left side after
Hole 2 right side before
Hole 2 right side after

SCC crew starts Hole 2 bunker renovation

Plywood is used to minimize damage to existing turf 

Drainage installation

New sand installed
Hole 15 right side before
Right side after

Hole 15 left side before

Left side after

SCC crew starts renovation

New outside contours excavated, bunker had significantly shrunk 

SCC crew fine grading bottom contour

New sand installed

No drainage installed due to pure river gravel being found

Various Other Photos

SCC Fall fescue cutting
SMC 4th hole on a Fall day

SMC fescue cutting

 Annual 5th grade class field trip to SMC, 13 years running!

Nice look at SCC 4th hole

Pine needles are one of many reasons to remove white pine trees

It rained a little bit this year

The day of the Vermont PGA Stroke Play Championship

And it rained a little more

SMC greens aeration

SMC Wildflowers, find the bee...

SCC cart path paving on Hole 15
SCC Irrigation pond dredge
Verticutting greens at SMC

Much deserved crew BBQ

2017 Golf Grounds Team
A Stowe double rainbow
Cheers to a bright 2018!