Purple Bergamot, The Queen of the Summer

Purple Bergamot

Purple Bergamot, or more commonly known as bee balm, is a beautiful summer blooming native plant. The delicate purple blossoms provide a great source of nectar for all insects and hummingbirds. Bee balm is a common plant found in perennial gardens. The garden variety is most often a red flowering plant. The bee balm on the golf course is purple. This plant has proliferated very successfully in areas where it was seeded. Take a close look at the intricate flower of the Bergamot plant, it is a delicate beauty.

Name: Monarda media
Common Name: Purple Bergamot or bee balm
Color: Purple
Bloom: Late July-Late August
Location: Cottage steps, 6 Tee, 8/9 cart path, 17 blue/white Tee, 18 Tee
Use: Soil stabilization, nectar source for insects, & seed source for birds

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